China Made Cotton Picker


The mechanical cotton picker is a machine that automates cotton harvesting in a way that reduces harvest time and maximizes efficiency. There are two types of pickers in use today: spindle type cotton picker and stripper type cotton picker. The spindle picker physically pulls the cotton from the boll. And the stripper, as the name implies, slices the boll and leaves away from the plant. The strippers tend to be used more in the southern U.S. where cotton plants tend to be smaller and more compact. After harvesting, you will also need a machine known as a cotton module builder, which forms the cotton into a compressed mound ready for the cotton gin.
Cotton Picker in China
China have worked on cotton picker since the 1950s. Dedicate to cotton picker for years, now China made cotton picker is as good as overseas company, during years of test and use in China, it also gives an excellent record. What’s more, it only needs half of the cost.


High and new technologies are widely used in self-propelled picker. It can harvest 10-15mu cotton per hour, suitable for different planting patterns.
There are 12 spindle bars in each picker housing, 18 spindles in each spindle bars. 2160 spindles pick in two grades which makes the pick-out affect more perfect.
Now we are exploring overseas market, besides well-performed cotton picker, we also provide 2 years technician training and service to make sure your better use.
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