The History of Cotton Gin Machine

Cotton fiber must be separated from seed (ginned) before being used to manufacture textile goods. This productive process is a labor intensive and unprofitable venture. However, after the invention of cotton gin, cotton processing has become much easier, resulting in greater availability and cheaper cloth.


Devices for separating cotton fiber from seed have existed since 4000 BC. All the currently available ginning machinery in the world is based on two fundamental principles:
Roller Ginning: The roller gins are classified as oscillatory knife gin and rotary knife gin depending upon the type of motion of moving knife. Oscillatory type gins are further classified as single roller (SR) and double roller (DR) depending on the number of rollers used per machine. The roller gin was invented in ancient India. Basic principle for separating lint from seeds is gripping and stretching fiber through rollers/blades.


Saw Ginning: The saw gin belongs to second-generation tool invented by Eli Whitney in 1794. It consists of a series of circular saws, which are mounted closely on an axle and are made to revolve at high speed to tear the lint away from a roll of seed cotton. Basic principle is pulling fiber with saws through ribs. The process is more complex and faster.
Development of Cotton Gin
Cotton gin was first invented by Eli Whitney on March 14, 1794, one of the many inventions that occurred during the American Industrial Revolution. The cotton gin was a machine designed to separate the seeds from the cotton harvested from the plant. The process used a small wire screen and pulling hooks to force the cotton through the screen, while brushes continuously removed the loose cotton lint to prevent jams.
In 1869, "The First Cotton Gin", an engraving from Harper's Magazine, depicted a roller gin, which preceded Eli Whitney's invention. Roller gin is considered more suitable for ginning superior/medium long staple cotton, it preserves the lint quality better. However, saw gin is normally used for ginning short and medium staple cotton. Like WCA countries, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa only have saw gins.


Lummus13 and Continental Eagle, the largest saw gin manufacturers in the USA, also manufacture rotary knife roller gins. Most double roller gin manufacturers are located in India (Bajaj14, etc). There are several manufacturers of saw gin and double roller gin in China.

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