Complete Set of Cottonseed Delinting Equipment


Introduction of Complete Set of Cottonseed Delinting Equipment
Complete set of cottonseed delinting equipment is mainly used for removing short fiber from ginned seed-cotton in cotton processing plants and cottonseed oil mills. The complete delinting equipment has perfect and reasonable technology, matching performance which ensure high quality cotton linters. The delinting line can be customized for different capacity.
Technical Features of Cottonseed Delinting Complete Equipment
* Advanced, scientific and reasonable technology, high automation.
* Stable and reliable performance, high quality, high efficiency.
* Low power consumption, safe and environment friendly.


* Different stands of cottonseed delinters freely combined to form production lines of different scales.
* Interlock protection, intelligent control and safe start in sequence among equipments.
* Adopting multiple control modes including computer, PLC and normal electric apparatus to meet customer’s requirements of different levels.
* Large handling capacity, high linter yield rate, low linter remaining, good economic benefits.
* Complete set of equipments adopting fully enclosed structure, safe and nice-look, low dust concentrations and low noise in workshop.
* Safe operation, convenient maintenance, rate of safe running higher than 96%.
Cottonseed Delinting Technology Flow Chart


A. Cottonseed Lifting Screw Conveyor B. Winnowing Cottonseed Cleaner
C. Cottonseed Distribution Screw Conveyor D. First Cut Delinter
E. Second Cut Delinter F. Third Cut Delinter G. Linter Condensing Dust Cage
H. Linter Cleaner I. Linter Condensing Bin J. Linter Condensing Dust Cage K. Baling Press


Before delinting, cottonseeds are cleaned by cottonseed cleaner, then they are conveyed to the delinters by screw conveyor for the first, second and third cut delinting successively. After delinting, linters are sent to linter condensing dust cage to press into pieces and then sent to linter cleaner, and finally packed by cuts. The leftovers discharged during delinting and cleaning are conveyed to recovery workshop for processing. Cottonseeds are conveyed to the warehouse for packaging.


Applications of Cotton Linter
Cotton linter is an important fiber resource. It has wide applications in national defense industry, chemical industry, textile industry, paper industry, etc. Cotton linters can be used to make roving, cotton blanket, absorbent cotton, fine paper, film, smokeless powder, high grade paint, plastics, artificial wool, viscose fiber, high grade rayon, etc.
The delinted cottonseeds can be used to pressing oil, increasing the oil yield and making the oil more pure. If used as seeds, they can reduce plant diseases and insect pests, meanwhile increase germination rate.

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