MR-164S Double-Layer Cotton Seed Saw Delinter


MR-164S Double-Layer Saw Delinter
MR-164S double-layer saw delinter is designed for second and third cut delinting. It combines second and third cut delinter in one machine, cottonseeds from the second cut delinter enters into the third cut delinter directly. The machine brushes linter by airflow. The first cut adopts MR-164M single layer brush type delinter, which brushes linter by brush cylinder.


MR-164S delinter is suitable for 1-6 grade cottonseeds, moisture content 6~10%.
Technical Features of Combined Type Saw Delinter
* Second cut and third cut combined, save floor area, save power, save investment and save labor.
* Adopting electric drive pusher to control the open and close of working box, easy to operate.


* Equipped with dust collection device to absorb the dust and floating linter, improving working environment.
* Optimized design on working box geometrical shape makes seed roll rotating more smoothly, lowering linter remaining, increasing work efficiency.


*Tooth profile changed to prolong using life, lower processing cost and increase working strength.
* Auto-feeding for cottonseeds, reduce labor intensity, increasing work efficiency.
* Emergency stop button adopted, safe and reliable operation.
* Nice-look protection cover with high strength, high precision, high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.


How Does Saw Delinting Machine Work?
Cottonseed processed by the first cut delinter enters into the upper working box of the combined delinter. By pulling and stripping of sawteeth and blocking of delinting ribs, cottonseeds are separated with cotton linter. After that, cotton linter enters into linter brushing part along with sawteeth. Cottonseeds slide down the ribs, and enter into the bottom working box, where the above process repeats and finally discharged from the machine. By airflow, cotton linters are brushed down from the sawteeth. Under negative pressure, the linters enter the second and third cut battery condenser respectively along the lint condensing pipes. The trash in cotton linters separate with the linter under the action of trash removal knife, and discharged through spiral conveyor.
Technical Parameters of MR-164S Saw Delinter

Capacity(1 machine/ hour)
MR-164M: 3500-5000kg
MR-164S: 600-1100kg
Lint Yield Rate
1st cut: 1-5%
2nd cut: 4-6%
3rd cut: 2.5-3.5%
Output(per saw/ hour)
1st cut: 0.29kg
2nd cut 0.35kg
3rd cut 0.21kg
Saw Cylinder(Dia.*L)
(φ290-φ320)*1631± 0.4mm
Tooth Profile Angle
MR-164M: 40° 
MR-164S: 15°
Tooth Height
Saw Blade Pieces 
MR-164S: 164*2pcs
MR-164M: 164pcs
Saw Blade Spacing
Max. Ribs Frame Inclination
Ribs Clearance
Blowing Rate at Lint Outlet 
5500-6000m3/s(empty load)
Wind Speed at Lint Outlet
16-17m/s(empty load)
MR-164S: 54.95 kw
MR-164M: 27.85 kw
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)
MR-164S: 2650*1950*2480mm
MR-164M: 2650*1950*1970mm
MR-164S: 3500kg
MR-164M: 1800kg

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