MDY-400 Type Hydraulic Cotton Baling Machine

MDY-400 Type Hydraulic Cotton Baling Machine
As the last step in cotton processing plant, baling is closely associated with the normal operation of the whole production line. Choosing a good baling machine


will make the whole production line perfect. With advanced design, our MDY-400 hydraulic cotton baling machine can automatically complete multiple processes,

such as cotton collecting, feeding and pushing, box rotating and releasing, baling, weighing, printing, conveying, etc. thus realizing continuous production.

Technical Features of Hydraulic Baling Press Machine
* Adopting technology of Borg Baling Company of Belgium, collecting machinery, electricity and hydraulics into an organic whole.
* The whole machine adopting frame type release box structure, hydraulic pushing cotton and hydraulic tramping cotton, mail oil cylinder positioning up.
* Adopting PLC program control, high automation and easy operation, cotton bale auto-calculating and conveying.
* Applying two dimensional bar-code technology, automatically making bar code signs of cotton bale.


* Building block frame structure, convenient and quick installation.

* Perfect hydraulic oil filtering system, ensuring smooth and reliable hydraulic system.
* Combine high-pressure hose with steel pipe, no impact, ideal leak-proof effect.
* Automatic malfunction display and attached safety pedal, eliminating hidden dangers of insecurity.

Application of MDY-400 Hydraulic Baling Press Machine
This hydraulic baling press system is widely applicable for baling various kinds of light bubble materials and fibers, such as lint cotton, short fiber, hemp fibers, chemical fiber, wool, etc.
MDY-400 Hydraulic Baling Press Machine Structure


* Hydraulic Station. As the main power source, it supplies pressure oil for every hydraulic cylinder of baling machine.
* Electrical Control Device. It is consist of electrical cabinet and console, thus achieving the monitoring of whole baling process.
* Main Motor. It is the main part of baling machine, which is made up of rack and multiple executive or functional devices.
* Auxiliary Motor. It is composed of bale receiving car, bale pushing machine, weighing mechanism, conveying belt, etc.
MDY-400 Hydraulic Baling Press Machine Parameter Data

Model Nominal Force(KN) Output(bales/h)

Equipped Power(kw)

Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
MDY-400B1 4000 20/25/30/45 90.3/120.3/128.3/158.3 1400*530*700 45000
MDY-400A1 4000 20 88.2 1400*530*700 45000


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