MQPQ Series Airflow Type Lint Cleaner


Airflow Type Lint Cleaner Introduction
As dedicated equipment for cotton processing&cleaning, airflow type lint cleaner is special designed for removing the defects and impurities from lint cotton. Take advantage of the difference in inertial centrifugal force between impurities and lint cotton in the turning bend, the separation can be achieved successfully. No power consumption, no damage to fiber and small investment make the airflow type lint cleaner be ideal equipment for lint cleaning.


Features of Airflow Type Lint Cleaner
* No breakdown, easy adjustment.
* High impurities removing efficiency.
* No damage to fiber, no fiber loss.
* No power consumption, economic investment.
* Elegant appearance, easy installation.
How does Airflow Type Lint Cleaner Work?
The airflow type lint cleaner is directly connected to the cotton gin. After ginning, the loose lint is blown into the pipe of lint cleaner by airflow. In the pipe, the speed of airflow is gradually accelerating from the entrance to the bend. In the turning bend, there is a narrow gap. Then the lint moves upward along with the airflow due to its lighter weight. However, under the effect of heavy weight and greater centrifugal force, impurities are thrown out from the small gap, and then being discharged outside by the screw conveyor.
Technical Parameters of Airflow Type Lint Cleaner

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