Complete Machine-Picked Cotton Processing Equipment


Machine-Picked Cotton Processing Equipment Introduction
We provide mature technology and complete cotton ginning equipment for machine-picked cotton processing. These ginning equipment are based on international advanced technology and rich experience, having reliable performance and competitive price. The capacity includes 5T, 7T, 10T, and 15T. Tailored solutions are available. This set of ginning equipment are also suitable for manual fast-picked cotton and hand-picked cotton.


Technical Features of Machine-Picked Cotton Processing Equipment
* Various technological bypass equipped, perfect and reasonable technology.
* Stable and matching performance, high efficiency, good quality, low power consumption.
* Interlock protection among equipment, intelligent control and safe start in sequence.
* Single or multiple stands of cotton gin freely combined to form production lines of different scales.
* High automation, low labor intensity, computer, PLC and normal electric apparatus control optional to meet requirements of different levels.
* High cleaning efficiency, little damage to fiber, high processing quality.
* Rich fuel sources, high drying efficiency.
* Fully enclosed structure, low dust concentrations and low noise in workshop.
* Safe to operate and convenient to maintain, rate of safe running not lower than 96%.
Ginning Technology Flow Chart for Machine-Picked Cotton


1. Module Builder 2. Module Trailer 3. Module Feeder 4. Heavy Foreign Matter Separator 5. Ex-Suck Cotton Separator 6. Foreign Fiber Cleaner 7. Uster Test 8. Seed Cotton Auto Control Box 9. Drying Tower 10. Inner-Suck Cotton Separator 11. Inclined Seed Cotton Cleaner 12. Extracting Seed Cotton Cleaner 13. Seed Cotton Airlock 14. Drying Tower 15. Inner-Suck Cotton Separator 16. Inclined Seed Cotton Cleaner 17. Recovery Seed Cotton Cleaner 18. Cotton Distribution Screw Conveyor 19. Gin 20. Airflow Type Lint Cleaner 21. Saw Type Lint Cleaner 22. Uster Test 23. Battery Condenser 24. Lint Humidifier 25. Baling Press 26. Automatic Bale Tying Machine





Main Machines in Machine-Picked Cotton Processing Complete Equipment


1. Adopting module builder, module trailer and module feeder, saving labor, automatic cotton feeding saving power by 30%, long safe storage time.
2. Foreign fiber cleaner, effectively remove foreign fiber in the seed cotton, easy to install and maintain.
3. Moisture conditioning system, adjust the moisture regain of seed cotton to ideal state, having rich fuel sources.
4. MQZX inclined type seed cotton cleaner, remove small trash, little damage to seed cotton.


5. MQZH recovery type seed cotton cleaner, remove small trash, high efficiency, no damage to fiber.
6. MQZT extracting type seed cotton cleaner, mainly used to clean bulky trash, high efficiency, little damage to seed cotton.
7. Intelligent cotton gin unit, including cotton gin, saw type lint cleaner, airflow type lint cleaner and double four-way valves. High output, high quality and low power consumption.
8. MJP humidification system, automatic humidification when baling for lint with low rate of moisture regain, easy to install.


9. MDY-400B cotton press, hydraulic pushing cotton and tramping cotton, adopting PLC control, having high automation degree.
10. Tenax-8(4) full automatic bale tying machine, no labor needed, safe and reliable.
11. Uster Intelligent system, real-time test of the lint color, trash area and moisture content of seed cotton and lint, optimize technology, improve processing quality, realize the maximum benefit.

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